Improv Classes and Private Coaching

Available Classes


Let's Get Serious

After many years of teaching intro classes I noticed a pattern of new improvisers caring more about being the funniest person in the room instead of focusing on the actual tools that help every improviser succeed. So with this workshop we will remove the comedy and just focus on the fundamentals of good scene work through the use of dramatic improvisation.  This workshop is geared for both beginners as well as veterans who want to refresh on the standards. 

Short Form IntensivE

This intensive focuses on the style that Whose Line Is It Anyway, Comedy Sportz, and National Comedy Theatre have made famous.  We will focus on the games, gimmicks, and styles that differentiate short form from long form. This intensive is for all levels.

The Opening

Do you struggle to pull strong ideas from your openings? Ditch those tired, cliché openings and work on openings to make your group stand out.  Learn techniques to pull clear ideas from your openings that you can put directly into your scene work.  We will work with a variety of conventional and unconventional openings (Documentary, Invocation, Follow the follower, Painting, and The Organic) and pull ideas straight into scene work to connect it all.

Team Coaching

Private team coaching for new or established teams. I will create a curriculum based upon and surrounding the specific needs and challenges of your group.  This unique training curriculum will continue to push and improve the team as a whole.

How To Last Longer... In Improv

Do you hit your peak a minute or two in, leaving your partner unsatisfied? Do you struggle to show your face afterwards because of your pitiful performance? Work on developing strong objectives, rhythm, and patterns in your scenework that can carry your work beyond a few minutes and help you become a better, more realistic (improv) partner that can last all night (15-60 minutes).

Advanced Format Workshop

Anyone can do a Montage or an Armando but what about the Pretty Little Flower or the Macroscene? What about Harold splinters such as the Evente or Tracers? Or even the more experimental formats such as the Betrayal or the Glen.  Each workshop will focus on a specific format, which by the time your done, you will be able to perform and help make your group stand out from the rest of the groups performing the same old traditional formats.